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Through this the police are led to a stonemason's yard, where a man named Begg works.

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A report on the gunpowder is received: it is known as black powder.

Lockhart thinks Rinaldo might have blown a safe just before he was murdered, and checks on recent safe blowings using this method.

Ballistic tests show that the rifling on the bullet was different to that on this gun barrel, but a further test shows that the impression on the discharged shell case was the same.

Rezkowski is arrested for murder These were cinema second features made by Republic at Nettlefold Studios in 1953/4.

Kathy O'Hara, a lovely orphaned Irish girl, had answered one of their advertisements.

The boss had embarked on an evil plan, after reading her letter which gave her complete financial details. An explosion in a deserted barn- and Stryker finds the charred remains of an unidentified man.

Also with Vida Hope, Harold Lang and Peter Swanwick. Stryker chases a gang of bank robbers- and the final showdown comes in a lonely warehouse.... To pay for his wife's medical treatment, Joe turns to crime. The Case of The Black Falcon Interpol requests the help of Scotland Yard in tracing diamond smuggler Gustave Clement, who has eluded police after a chase.

Inspector Susan Bond starts work as a shoplifter in order to help Stryker catch Diamond Annie who runs a junk shop, where stolen goods are bought and sold 12 The Case of the Pearl Payroll- with Mary Merrall, Joan Newell and Russell Waters. A hulking man (Guy Deghy) approaches the owner of The Black Falcon boat, Philip Marsden (Tim Turner), who is short of money.

5.19 A Hole in the Head Joey Beeble (Aubrey Morris), a tramp, finds a human skeleton in the Epping Forest. Dr Penton finds some granite dust and gunpowder on the clothes and in the hair of the skeleton.

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