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The religion of the country is Orthodox Christianity but great part of Macedonians are Muslims.

Many "pečalbari" decided to settle and they travelled the countryside looking for work as itinerant labourers.

Ruth Law was the first woman to fly at night in 1913 and the first woman to loop-the-loop.

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Africa is no longer a continent of palaces and peasants.

In 2001, 81,898 people claimed Macedonian Ancestry, in 2006 this rose to 83,978 in 2006.

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By far the largest wave of immigration was during the 1960s and 1970s.

Australian cities with the largest Macedonian-born communities are Melbourne (17,286, in particular the outer suburbs), Sydney (11,630, in particular in the Southern) and Wollongong (4,279 - about 1.6% of the Wollongong population).

Blanche Stuart Scott was technically the first American woman to solo, when a block on her aircraft's throttle jolted out of place and she went airborne on September 2, 1910.

She died while test flying her newly delivered aircraft in 1926, the day prior to a flying event scheduled in Florida.

In 1930 she won the Dixie Derby Air Race, and then in 1931 she won the National Air Races in Cleveland, the first year women were admitted to the race.

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