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He really meant alot to me and i never wanted to lose him.

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"-"you literally never stop feeding me Jin"-he blows you kisses from across the room sometimes-and you know damn well that you're always catching them and putting them in your pocket-he does your makeup for you sometimes-and you swear it always looks better when he does it-he lets you be in his eat Jin videos with him-you force him into watching Disney movie marathons with you-that you know he actually enjoys because it always ends with the two of you singing together-you always get him "nerdy" gifts-like Mario, a lot of Mario-you call him oppa because it makes him smile-couples Halloween costumes, couples sweaters, couples shirts-basically you guys are that cute couple that always wears matching stuff-Jin doesn't really get jealous because he knows how much you love him and he trusts you not to do anything-which is exactly how you feel about him-he brags about you to the other boys-"isn't y/n just amazing?

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Purposed towards marriage (3:9-10; note: no positive portrayal in Scripture of recreational relationships) 3.

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