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Burt Lancaster, Rock Hudson, Leonard Bernstein, Montgomery Clift, Robert Wagnor, Peter Fonda, Errol Flynn, Yul Brynner, Paul Newman, Tony Curtis and Steve Mcqueen all experimented with the same sex. However, such was the strength of the PR machine, many of these men were never questioned in main stream media until later on in life about sexuality.The sad thing is, many young people growing up in the 50s and 60s could've benefited from knowing about such high profile actor's dating other men, yes it was a dangerous political time, but even just rumour's would have maybe lifted the spirits of some young men (and women) suffering awful homophobia.

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I had ascertained that Mr R is very partial to lamb so I tempted him over with the promise of a coffee doused […] I decided that if my date for tonight cancelled again I would give up on him – even though he’s the first single man I’ve met that I fancy for what seems like forever.

And he has done, so I’ve put myself back on the internet dating scene.

We knew that after the glorious and loved up wedding […] “The public has always expected me to be a playboy, and a decent chap never lets his public down.” I am beginning to think that Errol was quite a cook. It was the cup of coffee with cream and sugar for basting that intrigued my supper guests.

Ginger’s beau […] Had a lovely re-run of Errol Flynn’s Baked Fish Havanaise with Paulette last night.

, honorowego Césara (2007), nagrody prezydenta na Festiwalu Filmowym w Karlowych Warach (2010), dwukrotnie nominowany do Oscara: w 2000 za drugoplanową rolę w filmie Utalentowany pan Ripley i w 2004 za główną rolę w filmie Wzgórze nadziei.

, w dzielnicy południowego Londynu jako syn pary nauczycieli – Margaret „Maggie” Anne (z domu Heyworth) i Petera Roberta Law. 1 stycznia 1970) została artystką malarką, grafikiem i fotografem.

But what about other actor's who were also either bisexual or exclusively gay ?

After a little research many name's crop up, some may surpirse you, some definately wont.

Although for from surprising to me, it does appear than the 'cream of the crop' of 50s era leading men were bisexual, if not completely gay, and one assumes thing's havent really changed.

Let's face it, hypothetically if such actor's as Richard Gere, John Travolta, Matt Dillon and Tom Berringer came out, would people really stop buying their film's ?

Easy to prepare, looked great on the plate and had all the cats on the island trotting up the ladder and poking their heads through the door to see what was […] Suffering from a bad case of malaise at the moment.

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