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The orang asli that settled in along the area of Belum Temenggor were traditionally nomadic or semi-nomadic, mostly hunter-gatherers, sustaining their communities with fishing, small farming and trading of medicinal herbs, spices and handicrafts.Semi-nomadic orang asli villages can be found today on some of the islands of Temenggor; they still live in their traditional way in bamboo huts, hunting small mammals using blowpipes, fishing and gathering plants and honey from the forest.Indeed, they are : the Malaysian Tiger, the Malaysian Sunbear, the nearly extinct Sumatran Rhinoceros, the White-handed Gibbon, the Asiatic Elephant, and the Malayan Tapir.

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Belum Temenggor forest reserve is open all the year through to both foreign and national visitors. You can visit the forest reserve of Belum Temenggor and hike in the rainforest, visit orang asli villages, bathe in waterfalls, spot wild animals, camp in the jungle and much more.

Find more about eco-sustainable and responsible tourism activities and experiences in Belum Temenggor.

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Mit Whats App Web können Sie den beliebten Messenger verwenden, um direkt auf Ihrem PC-Browser zu chatten.Mit "Whats App Web" gehen Sie zu der mobilen Whats App-Versionen und koppeln See mit der Web-Schnittstelle und verwenden die Whats App so in Ihren Browser.Das Smartphone erfordert die Auswahl einer aktiven Internetverbindung.Belum Temenggor can be reached from Kuala Lumpur or George Town, Penang, by car or public transportation. wir haben unsere mobile Webseite verbessert, so dass sie mittlerweile über alle Funktionen dieser App verfügt.Over three hundred avian species fly over its skies; it’s common to spot eagles catching fishes.

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