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Currently Viet is studying overseas, and he says his friends copied the video from his laptop.

Enter Linni Meister, a hot Norwegian babe famous in her country for modeling and flaunting her big tits and now amateur porn star courtesy of her very own, "private", sex tape with her Big Brother housemate Kristian Hilberg.

Its no different from an American website using Canadian pornstars FFS. instead of writing alot of weird theories why dont you just use google ??

In 2005, she was the winner of FHM France's "High Street Honeys" competition.

Thai actress Natt Chanapa who is accused of performing in a hard-core pornographic film revealed yesterday that modelling and advertising companies, magazines and television programmes had been offering her six-digit sums for modelling work since the accusation made media headlines.

Such a natural couple and no brutallity in the porn. I am bored from this bodybuilding proletarians fucking poor screaming and unnaturally moaning victims. Then she move to Norway, learn a new language, and start using it because she needs it more than swedish by the moment.

She can speak the norwegian dialect sunnmore, but i dont think she is from Norway. If we think logical: She grow up in for example Sweden, she will learn swedish in her childhood.

Jaimee Foxworth is an American actress who played the part of Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter, for four seasons on Family Matters. She later briefly transitioned to adult films using the name Crave.

Csisztu Zsuzsa is perhaps the most well-known former gymnast in Hungary, surpassing even Henrietta nodi!So, she knows swedish, but uses norwegian 95% of the time.. She is not an norwegian =( Stop using her shirt as evidence.It advertises a Danish website that USES SWEDISH, NORWEGIAN, & DANISH girls.(Her nickname was Ginger Spice, though she was also called Sexy Spice.) The all-female quintet was a worldwide sensation in the late 1990s.Click to See his Sex Tape One of Germany's up and coming models, Gina Lisa Lohfink stars in this raunchy celebrity sex tape that has made the rounds lately.Famous Thai singer Anna Jandrasopark sitting on a bed being filmed by a guy while wearing a see-through purple dress with a black bra and panties as she poses for him before he joins her and they kiss each other for a while.

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