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Alexander Asov mentions a Vedic tribe that lived in northern Europe and worshipped Indra and his son, that is to say worshipped lupine Gods.Russians themselves worship the bear, their totem animal and their ancestor the bear God Veles.As punishment, Dabog throws Morana onto a stake and, as she burns, she curses Van, turning him into a wolf.

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However, in Ukraine the white wolf is also connected to Lesovik, a forest spirit who was previously probably God of the forests; this spirit is often called, among other names, the wolfs shepherd.

Its important to note that the motif of a wolf chasing after the Moon exists not only in Slavic mythology.

The Wolf-totem animal of the Ancient Slavs The wolf was a totem animal for the ancient Slavic peoples.

Its always had a major role in the peoples folklore, and the same goes for mythology.

The ancient Nordic peoples believed that a wolf called Hati is chasing after the Moon, which he will devour when he finally catches up with it, creating thus a lunar eclipse.

There is another myth connected to the wolf, and this myth speaks of Dabog's voyage to the Underworld, and his marriage to Morana, the Slavic Goddess of death.

Dabog, like so many other deities, is theriomorphous and his animal form is a white, lame wolf.

The characteristics of the wolf double of Dabog should certainly be further analyzed, seeing how they explain not only Dabogs nature, but also shed light on some of the beliefs of the ancient Slavs concerning some natural and weather-related phenomena.

Namely, Morana and Dabog had a son named Van, blinded by his mother, as a vengeance to Dabog whom she had stopped loving.

Van was thrown into a pit, but is rescued by Radgost, who takes him to iva who heals his eyesight with the water of life.

Another deity is connected to the wolf and his lunar aspect Horz, God of the Moon and the rising Sun.

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