Video chat sex slaves

"Do what you like with them," one seller reportedly said.

"It has really always been a form of slave trade," Adamsson told The Local. Some are sold to work and some are sold for work, but they are just different forms of human trafficking." Human trafficking is an acknowledged problem in large Swedish cities, with well-established red-light districts in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

Addressing it is essential otherwise we leave it for the likes of ISIS (and Islamophobes) to disseminate their skewed narrative.

The topic was only glanced over in the talk whilst quoting classical jurisprudential text and the context applicability of this was clear to the audience.

But it is a crime to pimp or procure - as Adamsson said many men do with their "girlfriends".

that sex trafficking was on the rise, with a quarter million sex purchases in Stockholm alone over the course of one year.

Still, there have been "We have a pile ten centimetres high of tips and reports [about human trafficking], but we don't have the time or resources to handle it so we can't even look.

Bismillah, wal-hamdu lillah, wa al-salatu wa al-salamu ‘ala rasulillah All media outlets are not the same – the Daily Mail is a special kind of ignorant Two years ago a spy was caught going around our mosque in Wales.

They realised that only the most disgraceful media corporations would risk their reputation publishing such organised and obvious defamation, or indeed risk bearing the legal repercussions.

Two years later, it seems the spy finally gave up and went to the Daily Mail.

It is not, however, illegal for a person to sell sex in Sweden.

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