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Along with a group of other rich kids, years before Chazarreta was a member of a gang of wealthy ne’er do wells, commemorated in a photo which has gone missing.

Brena, Saravia and Iscar realize that one by one the member of this gang are dying in accidents, and before long they are in deeper than they intended.

Forced by her debts, Nurit accepts the deal and sets up at the Chazarreta's neighborhood to make a series of non fiction notes about the case of the year. But the main strength of the movie comes from the powerful narrative dominion director has.

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Alex comes across Lucias life, two youngsters who start discovering each other, the escape velocity will determine their future.

See full summary » The story of a man who fooled an entire country.

The satisfyingly twisty plotline mixes up the usual ingredients into is a satisfyingly solid structure in which the stakes get ever higher and on which Cohan pegs a series of classic noir themes.

The way that the past always returns to collect its debts, the contrast between rationality and instinct as a way of solving crimes, and the uneasy relationship between the press and the law -- which has a particularly contemporary relevance -- are to the fore.

Ammann, however feels surplus to requirements, unable to contribute much except as a sounding-board for Brena’s jaded wit, and just quietly dropped at the end in the hope that the viewer won’t notice.

Another cut which the story would have survived, and which would in fact have given it a great deal more focus, is the entire Rinaldi/Nurit relationship, too obviously a mere distraction from the main business.

Businessman Chazarreta (Mario Pasik) is found dead on his country estate.

Newspaper editor Rinaldi (Spaniard Jose Coronado) assigns vet journo Brena (Daniel Fanego) and rookie Saravia (Alberto Amman) to dig a little deeper, also recruiting novelist Nurit Iscar (Mercedes Moran), suffering from a case of writer’s block. Rinaldi and Nurit have romantic form and, wearyingly to both Nurit and the viewer, Rinaldo spends much of the duration trying to rekindle the ashes.

Fanego as Brena is compelling, in the finest tradition of vet investigators.

His silent yearnings for Nurit are perhaps the most humanly true thing about the film, as recognized in its title, the Spanish version of "Betty Boop", which is the nickname Brena has given to Nurit -- a small touch of human tenderness in a film, and a world, where human tenderness is pretty much AWOL.

Rodrigo Pulpeiro’s photography exploits light and shadow to the maximum, especially when roaming around the comfortable interiors of the well-appointed country pads in which much of the film plays out.

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