Validating date with javascript

Also note that we are passing in a list of dictionaries as the initial data.If you use an is a list whose entries correspond to the forms in the formset.

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If you are adding new forms via Java Script, you should increment the count fields in this form as well.

On the other hand, if you are using Java Script to allow deletion of existing objects, then you need to ensure the ones being removed are properly marked for deletion by including returns the number of forms in the formset that were pre-filled, and is also used to determine how many forms are required.

Below is a sample of the file produced by the Media Encoder Standard. Also, make sure the text in the file is encoded with UTF-8. And also to where your Media Packager_MP4To and Media Encryptor_Play Ready files are located.

Once you have the adaptive bitrate MP4 set you can take advantage of Dynamic Packaging. Media Packager_MP4To is defined in Task Preset for Azure Media Packager and Media Encryptor_Play Ready is defined in the Task Preset for Azure Media Encryptor article.

Let’s take a look at an example: There are now a total of three forms showing above.

One for the initial data that was passed in and two extra forms.

With dynamic packaging all, you need is to create an asset that contains a set of adaptive bitrate MP4 or Smooth Streaming files. You should copy the /asset-containerguid/*file to your server (or create your own key file) and then delete the *file from the asset container. Media Packager_MP4To and Media Packager_Smooth To are defined in Task Preset for Azure Media Packager and Media Encryptor_Play Ready is defined in the Task Preset for Azure Media Encryptor article.

Then, based on the specified format in the manifest or fragment request, the On-Demand Streaming server ensures that your users receive the stream in the protocol they have chosen. The example in this section encodes a mezzanine file (in this case MP4) into multibitrate MP4 files and then packages MP4s into Smooth Streaming.

As a result, you only need to store and pay for the files in single storage format and Media Services service will build and serve the appropriate response based on requests from a client. It then packages Smooth Streaming into HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit stream encryption.

If you want to use a set of adaptive bitrate (multi-bitrate) MP4 files that were not encoded with Media Services' encoders, you should validate your files before further processing. Linq; namespace Media Services Static Packaging If you want to protect your content with Play Ready, you have a choice of using dynamic encryption (the recommended option) or static encryption (as described in this section). Make sure to update the following code to point to the folder where your input MP4 file is located.

As shown above you can define the number of extra forms.

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