Updating software in fedora 7

I think this is a very important step in ensuring that future upgrades are also clean and trouble-free.

It is always a good idea to prepare for an upgrade no matter how it is performed, even if doing a completely new installation of the latest release and wiping out the previous release.

Both /etc and /var contain data that may be useful after a re-installation in particular.

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It also seems to work much better as the basis for the dnf system-upgrade method of performing upgrades.

First introduced with Fedora 23 as a means to upgrade from Fedora 22, I have had good and reliable success with system-upgrade.

The primary objective is to ensure that personal data does not get erased during an upgrade or re-installation.

The best way to accomplish this is to create the /home directory as a separate filesystem during the initial operating system installation.

The new Fedora upgrade system is based on DNF, the replacement package manager for YUM.

I have found that DNF is better than YUM for all of the package management tasks that I find myself performing.After the upgrade on several hosts, the display manager did not start either during the startup sequence or by using the command line.It turned out that the display manager service link was missing so that systemd was unable to start the GUI login manager. The sddm display manager is the current default display manager for Fedora 23 and 24.It is a multistep process but it can be very easily automated with a script or two.The system-upgrade procedure was not without at least one problem, for me.Here are a few tips to help ensure that things go smoothly.

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