Updating pirated xp Webcamamateurxxx

We recently added Windows XP support to thepiratebay-proxylist.org, and asked thepiratebay proxy to also update to a SSL certificate which is supported by Windows XP.Multiple users have requested this because they were unable to update to Windows Vista or higher.Indeed, by modifying system files (executables and DLL Library systems), it is relatively simple for the "pirates" to include spywares to these fake version of Windows.

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As the system files are modified, you may end up with a malware infested machine.

Even with a good protection (Antivirus Firewall Updates to security updates Antispyware), the fact of using a pirated version, you are at risk of having a completely undetectable spywares on your computer!

Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade to users running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 within a year of July 29th.

The highly anticipated operating system – which Microsoft hopes will be installed on a billion devices within the first two years – will not be offered to those running older or pirated versions of Windows.

Pirated version of Windows are legal operating system that has been modified for an illegal use, among the common modifications: You may have noticed that LSD Windows, Windows PNX or many other versions with strange names are not available on the Microsoft website.

This is because these versions are not from Microsoft, but "made" by "pirates", out of a legal version of Windows!

We still do recommended updating, and so the support for Windows XP will only be for a few months.

Illegal/pirated copies of Windows include: Windows PNX, LSD, Arium, Na No, Orkas, Sweet, Reborn, Unicornis, UN V2, Mad Dog, Atrium, Orion, Syana, Windows Uranium, Windows Titanium, Windows XXL, Windows TKT, Windows Coccinelle, Windows Darklite, Windows XP Crazy, Windows XP Édition Maître, Windows Édition Ultra, Windows XP Édtion Classique, Windows XP Ubuntu Édition, Windows Yoshi édition, Windows Yoshi Ultimate, Windows XP Catharsis, Windows XP Titan Revolution, Windows Trust 3, Gold, Windows XP Pure Power 3, Windows XP Ultimate Edition, Windows XP Disney Edition, Windows XP Crystal, Windows XP suite, Windows XP Fire, Windows Vista Ultimate par Mad Dog, Vista Black Edition, Vista premuim lite, Windows 7 Arium, Windows 7 Alchemiste, Windows 7 Titan, Windows 7 Alienware, Windows 7 Orion, Windows 7 Futuris, Windows 7 Élite, Windows 7 Extreme Edition, Windows 7 GT, Windows 7 Tiny, Windows 7 Black Edition, Windows 7 ultimate black édition, Windows 8 Pro Blue, Windows 8 AIO-Orion, Windows Arium 8.0 or even genuine version of Windows for which the Windows activation process has been removed.

The operating system, which comes in six variations – Windows 10 Home, Mobile, Pro, Enterprise, Mobile Enterprise and Education.

It will also be the first major operating system release since Satya Nadella was appointed CEO, taking over from Steve Ballmer.

The complimentary upgrade will only apply to users running the beta of Windows 10 Home and Pro editions, head of the Windows Insider program Gabe Aul confirmed.

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