Updating mpd database

With this DB file, MPD user can select a song at MPD Client (remote control program for MPD) and MPD can find the song selected by the user.

updating mpd database-90

But using MPD you can view the list faster than any other player. Here you will see how MPD DB is operating in Easy MPD.

But if you lack understanding how the MPD DB is used, it will interfere with your pleasant music life.

Instead it uses the network shared folder as the storage for music files.

Unlike the physically connected HDD, the network storage can be disconnected accidentally for some reason.

In both cases, it is possible to configure a polipo proxy so that any external resources are fetched via Tor.

If you've used other music players, you know that you need a patience in order to view the list of song, album or artist if you have a lot of music files. In fact, most of the problems occur using the Alix caused by the lack of understanding of the MPD DB.

If you can find the program respawning that folder, maybe you can stop it, or change the location of you music directory. I once had a corrupted mp3 and until I deleted it, MPD wouldn't run properly (which, as you point out, is probably a bug as it should just declare an error and move on).

I recently setup a music server on my home server using the Music Player Daemon, a cross-platform free software project which has been around for a long time.

Below image shows that MPod, a MPD Client for i Phone has a "Refresh local cache" menu button that is used for bring the new DB to i Phone after DB Update is finished. So after the power off, the DB file will disappear.

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