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People who commit sex crimes, such as rape or child sexual abuse, are commonly referred to as sexual predators, particularly in tabloid media or as a power phrase by politicians. They can also be placed on a sex offender list which is viewable by everyone on the Internet.

The term is applied according to a person's moral beliefs and does not necessarily denote criminal behavior.

Because of America’s high divorce rate, a large number of minor girls live in homes with either stepfathers or the boyfriends of their mothers.

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A sexual predator is a person seen as obtaining or trying to obtain sexual contact with another person in a metaphorically "predatory" or abusive manner.

Analogous to how a predator hunts down its prey, so the sexual predator is thought to "hunt" for his or her sex partners. states have a special status for criminals designated as sexually violent predators, which allows these offenders to be held in prison after their sentence is complete if they are considered to be a risk to the public.

The law still mandates reporting of the sexual activity to the state.

With the information we now have, it is simply undeniable that Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation have made a conscious decision to conceal the sexual exploitation of children and protect the men who commit these crimes.

When a sexual predator targets a girl with no father at home, he knows two things.

First, he can count on his victim having a heightened need for adult male attention.In the state of Illinois, for instance, a person convicted of any sex crime against a minor is designated a sexual predator, no matter the nature of the crime (violent versus statutory, or perpetrated against a young child versus a teenager), and regardless of past behavior.This has led to criticism that the term is being misused, or overused, and thus has lost its original meaning and effectiveness.For example, a person who cruises a bar looking for consensual sex from someone else could be considered a sexual predator by some.The BDSM community often uses "predator" as a term for someone who seeks out dominance and submission parties that are new to the lifestyle.The responsibility of determining whether or not the circumstances that led to this girl’s pregnancy are criminal lies solely with the state agency to which the report is mandated.

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