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Carlos Iglesias's third big-screen full-length movie as filmmaker , the first was a hit among viewers ; however , this one got little success at Spanish box office .

The original film dealt with Marcos (Javier Gutierrez) and Martin (Carlos Iglesias) , they are two good workers in the Spain of the 60's , but without job , as two friends said goodbye their families and go abroad .

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The parents' unexpected visit, their reunion with friends and clandestine love affairs cause a tremendous stir.

Enjoyable biographic movie well written , played and directed by Carlos Iglesias , being a following to "Un Franco, Catorce Pesetas" (Crossing Borders, 2006) .

So, the Martin and Marcos, who planned at first to remain in Switerland only one year, finally remain 6 years in Switerland, as 1 Swiss Franc was worth 14 Pesetas at these times, and in comparing these rich country with the poor Spain, both attain to think if the return to Spain is worth.

Truly the film shows in Switerland they were more happy with better schools and more liberty, but Martin's wife doesn't want to rest.

In fact, it' s on of the best film( with Ispansi) I never viewed about a moving subject: the 1960' s imigration; an inernational distrssing subject. For example, apparently all girls in Switzerland will fancy you as soon as they see you (no matter how unattractive you are!

A moving, Human and butifull film with talented actors!! ) and given the chance will strip off and pounce on you at the nearest green, green field...

Nowadays (1974) , Marcos is in Switzerland with a nice job and Martin in Madrid , but in Spain of the seventies , imminent Franco's death , there's deep crisis and there's no job , there's no cash , and there's no option for the poor people but to emigrate to a foreign country and attempting to encounter work .

Meanwhile , Martin's son , Pablo( Adrián Expósito) and his friend Juan (Luisber Santiago) fleeing from political oppression and military duty go to to Switzerland though wrongly stop in Austria .

It happens baptism of Marcos's son , then friends and family : grandmother (Tina Sainz) , sister Luisa (Eloísa Vargas) and friends go to the marvelous small Swiss town called Uzwil .

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