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A good benchmark is to record how long it takes you to row 2,000m.

You should be looking at around nine to ten minutes.

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From 8th January UK government advice for dealing with the media.

From 6th January Three years after Charlie tragedy, death still threatens blaspheming journalists.

From uk 30th December 2017: the year of the killjoys.

Time for a backlash against the anti-booze, anti-chocolate, anti-smoking zealots.

From 4th January Extreme vetting of muslim visa applicants started under Obama, not Trump.

From 3rd January Abusive ad targeters on more than 1,000 top websites are secretly tracking people through invisible login forms that are filled out by browsers.

It will be released on 14th November See further details at

UK Internet Porn Censorship The Digital Economy Bill has passed through Parliament and will lead to the mass blocking of internet porn to all UK residents.

The rowing machine is an effective piece of cardiovascular gym kit that uses your entire body.

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