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He may not even realize he’s retreating, but she will.

The Un-Kiss: Though the early stages of flirting don’t include the kiss, the lips will involuntarily hint about their desires.

Specifically, there are two types of smiling mouths that indicate a lack of sexual interest.

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Without an eye squint, laugh lines, dipping outer eyebrows, and rising cheeks, a smile is halfhearted, tentative, or deceptive.

One phony smile is okay, but once a woman determines that all of his smiles are snake oil, it’s time to admit that while he might be polite, he’s certainly not interested in raising the big top at her place.

There are also some other uninterested signals that are more detailed contenders.

They include: Disgruntled Eye Contact: After initial peeper contact, a woman should watch the direction in which his eyes travel.

Tonya Reiman is a Certified Hypnotist, Body Language Expert and Professional Speaker who practices in Smithtown, NY.

Tonya works hard to help each individual learn the tools of self-hypnosis by utilizing relaxation and guided visualizations and deep breathing exercises.If he looks to the side or up after leaving an eye lock with her, he doesn’t want to try out for her team.Rude Revolvers: An eye roll can be the epitome of disrespect, passive aggressiveness, trivialization, frustration, condescension, disagreement with beliefs, indifference, superiority, and sarcasm, and a clear indicator that a man’s not only uninterested in a woman, but also would rather be anywhere else.Body Watch: There are a few exceptions to eye rolling’s overwhelming negativity.First, if he rolls his eyes playfully while smiling, maybe you’re not being completely dissed.The Outer Limits: If he’s standing so far away from her that he might be in another zip code, or if she’s considering continuing their exchange via text messaging, he’s effectively removing himself from her personal space (and her grasp).

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