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Cartobi is the latest service to be built on the ‘Geosho‘ mapping visualisation platform and provides a set of tools for a Sage One Accounts user to view, filter, select, analyse and report on the physical distribution of Sage One sales and purchase invoices.

If you sell products nationally (or even further afield) I would definitely check this tool out.

As VR and the horror genre go hand in hand in terms of compatibility and how they complement each other, scary video game may soon find a new home to create genuine moments of panic and terror.

Otherworld’s Sisters perfectly demonstrates how the immersion of VR and eerie setting, a good pair of headphones can scare the living daylights out of you with the immersion of VR.

The fear of the unknown is something that attracts people because they want to know.

For example, when a loud sound goes off, people naturally are interested in what’s causing the disturbance.

Sisters is a really short game but it is a brilliant demonstration of how the horror genre can be brought into VR and create really scary situations.

With the presence of strong, superb surround sound, horror games will scare the wits out of people like never before, thanks to virtual reality.

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