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Tibetan medicine is deeply rooted in Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

From the Buddhist perspective, physical illness is inextricably bound with mental, social and spiritual illness.

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It explains that everything in the world is derived from the five elements, which constitute and therefore influence the physical body as well as the mind.

The mind is considered to be the base cause, which underlies good health but when disturbed also causes disease.

Practitioners of the Tibetan system of medicine, the science of healing, Sowa Rigpa, can trace a lineage of practice from at least the first century AD, with later formalization and documentation in the seventh century.

Since then, Tibetan medicine has been practised throughout the Tibetan Plateau, Himalayas, and Central Asia.

Few Tibetan formulas are yet available and adequately documented for western use.

Further and extensive research with more formulas is necessary so that they can be fully incorporated into the regular medical system or exist in parallel Tibetan medicine is one of the renowned historical medical systems of mankind.

Tibetan medical knowledge is summarized in the r Gyud-Bzhi (pronunciation giu shi), the Four Medical Tantras, the basic book of knowledge first formalized in the 7th century, which is still taught today in recognized educational institutions.

The r Gyud-Bzhi consists of four volumes: the root tantra, the explanatory tantra, the oral transmission tantra, and the last tantra.

Since reforms begun in the late 1970s in China, the PRC government has sanctioned the study, clinical practice, and research-oriented advancement of Tibetan medicine.

In addition to the Chinese government support, Tibetan medicine is also supported by a variety of non-governmental organisations.

Tibetan Medicine is now practiced in other parts of South, East and Central Asia, from Ladakh and Sikkim in India to Northern Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, parts of Russia (Buryatia) and the West.

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