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Shots of tanks running over civilians and security forces dragging dead bodies onto piles of trash bring life to the word “crackdown.” A weeping mother talking to her martyred son’s comrades stands in for reported death tolls.

In Egypt, where the government controls which movies appear in theaters, The Square has not been officially released.

Novelist Alaa Al Aswany chides Noujaim for giving voice only to several young, educated activists and ignoring “the masses of simple people.” The military and supporters call the documentary anti-Egyptian propaganda created by the United States.

It shows why we fight the military.” When I pushed him, he replied, “I am trying not to stress. So it’s okay.” To eyes trained in the divisions of Egypt’s politically active forces, even the most innocuous details in The Square become fodder for criticism.

As an American who worked with Egyptian activists in Cairo for eight months from 2011 to 2012, I began to pick them out.

Noujaim and her crew do an admirable job sketching out the never-ending story of Egypt’s Revolution for a foreign audience that likely lost the thread over its three-year course.

The movie begins with Ahmed Hassan, a young, gregarious protester, describing the poverty and indignities of life under President Hosni Mubarak. Injustice existed everywhere,” he narrates with a revolutionary’s subtlety. I started working when I was eight years old.” Hassan provides voice-over for a retrospective on the 2011 protests that led to Mubarak’s resignation after a three-decade dictatorial reign.

Although it’s less well known, Egypt first inspired the Middle East with its activism in 2004-2005, when the Egyptian Movement for Change (also known as Kefaya! ) became the first political movement in the Middle East based on independent membership rather than political parties.

Its rallies against the Mubarak government were the first in years.

He continues to narrate, but the film introduces a handful of additional characters – mostly young, liberal activists, but also one member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the well-organized social and political movement – whom viewers follow through three more years of protests and elections: the demonstrations against the military caretaker government; the referendums, parliamentary, and presidential elections that divide the revolutionary forces and bring the Muslim Brotherhood into power; and protests in turn against the new Muslim Brotherhood government.

Noujaim and her team began screening an early version of the film, which ended with the anti-Brotherhood protests, in the spring of 2013.

But they returned to Cairo when the demonstrations felled the Muslim Brotherhood government.

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