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Despite having split with Harris, Mayweather was apparently unhappy at rumors Harris was dating another man.He came to the house twice, late at night, after she had been out with friends. With Harris asleep on the couch, Koraun, at Mayweather's insistence, let his father inside.Harris says she unsuccessfully attempted to contact Janay on social media to let her know that she was "not alone."The Rices were married a month after the NFL star knocked out Janay in an Atlantic City casino elevator — and one day after he was indicted on aggravated assault charges."I would definitely want to just tell her, to please, please, educate (yourself)," Harris said.

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It was the couple's oldest son, Koraun, who slipped out of the house to alert a security guard to summon police.

Mayweather was eventually sentenced to 90 days in prison.

Harris and Mayweather had a tempestuous relationship, full of fallings out and makeups but by then they were living apart.

Harris and the children lived in an upscale area along Las Vegas' western edge, while Mayweather lived at his own property with Shantel Jackson, who had become his main love interest.

Yet as the twilight of his career closes in on the 37-year-old, so too does a swirl of negative publicity that centers on his violent and allegedly abusive relationships with a number of women in his life.

Josie Harris, Mayweather's former long-term partner and mother to three of his four children, doesn't see Mayweather much these days.

Because if they don't get the proper help together, then the chance of it happening again is very high."Koraun Mayweather is home early from school with an upset stomach and is about to head upstairs to his bedroom when he spots something on the dining room table.

His mother tells him it is a copy of his statement to police from Sept. Koraun, now 14, had never seen it, and laughs when he sees his 10-year-old's handwriting."There are no commas," he smiles.

– A Floyd Mayweather fight generally goes something like this.

For 12 rounds an out-matched opponent swings and flails and misses. Mayweather has never been knocked out, never knocked down, never beaten in 47 pro bouts.

Efforts to reach him through the team were unsuccessful.

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