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The most popular sports in Thailand are soccer, basketball, table tennis and volleyball.Another popular game unique to Asia is called Takro, where two teams of three try to pass a ball over a net without hands.The parent’s home tends to go to the youngest daughter of the family, and it’s also the youngest daughter who is in charge of taking care of her parents when they are old.

Keep a sound knowledge up about these in order to be in the know!

Thai cuisine also represents one of the richest cuisines in the world, but there is no difference between breakfast, lunch and dinner in regards to what people will eat and when.

The person of lower social status is the one who greets first, and the person with the higher social status holds his hands a little below his heart to show symbolically he is meeting the lower at the same point.

The higher the palms are held by the person holding lesser status, the more reverence they are giving to the person they are greeting.

It isn’t common to use the Wai for young children, a servant or a beggar.

For a member of royalty, a monk or in a religious context the prayer sign may be held at the eyebrows for a greeting, with the thumbs touching the tip of the nose.

Following them as closely as you can when meeting your lady’s family will show you’re making a real effort to embrace the Thai way of life, and will show you in a very positive light.

Ideal, if you’re about to ask her parent’s permission to marry her.

There are also popular fighting sports, such as Muay Thai Boxing.

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