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There are still open questions about the precise molecular pathway involved—and whether, say, eating marijuana might have similar effects.

Colitis is an inflammatory bowel disorder that Srivastava wants to investigate.

The brain also has receptors for anandamide, which is how you actually recognize that chili peppers are spicy: The receptor triggers a nerve that tells your brain as much.

“Like, it’s not what I was expecting, but I guess I appreciate that he took the 83 seconds.” “It’s kind of a birthday gift? Between performing at almost weekly gigs and hosting a podcast, time is a limited resource for 29-year-old Henry.

“I wasn’t even expecting to hear from him, really,” Ursula explained.

“Look, I don’t need some kind of hyper traditional gender-conforming relationship with flowers and love notes,” Ursula said.

“It would have been cool to just get like a happy birthday text before a full voicemail of himself cumming.

(Lucky us—there's a whole trove of Steve's odd decisions, compiled in a playlist entitled "Steve's Bad Ideas.") The first pop arrives at about the mark.

Upon waking the morning following her 24th birthday, Ursula Fletcher came across one last surprise from the night before: Henry, the man she’d been seeing, had left her a very intimate voicemail. there was a lot of heavy breathing and discussion of what he was gonna do to me,” remarked Ursula.When mice were fed capsaicin, it bonded with receptors throughout the gastrointestinal tract and produced an endocannabinoid compound called anandamide.Mice fed capsaicin had less inflammation in their guts than mice who didn't get it.That’s all.” “In a way, it’s really romantic,” Ursula added. To hear my voice, or to say ‘Happy Birthday.’ But instead, he chose to give me something I could keep forever: a collection of jarringly bestial noises on my phone.” Henry’s schedule prevented him from being available for comment. CLOUD, MN—Fearing that in his current state he was too fragile to withstand the harsh criticism they wished to level at him, friends and family of area man Todd Freely told reporters Monday that they were waiting for Freely’s most recent bout of depression to subside before they really laid into him.“He’s way too low to hear this now, but once he’s feeling better, I’m really gonna put the screws to him about getting some regular exercise and making an effort to socialize more,” Freely’s best friend Richard Felton said, adding that he planned on “reading him the fucking riot act” about looking for work the minute Freely’s depressive state began to improve.My man Steve’s outfitted like a Starbucks barista, green apron over his lily-white shirt.

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