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The goal of Street Smart is to provide current and up-to-date narcotics information on trends, terminology, paraphernalia, and physiological effects to those individuals who deal with today's youth on a daily basis. and the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which is the Sheriff's Office undercover narcotics branch. You can find this form on our website here: can also contact us directly at (813) 787-8323 for scheduling questions.

No, the "Street Smart" presentation is copyrighted and cannot be filmed.

If you would like to film portions or photograph portions of the presentation please ask the presenters to find out what is allowed and what is not.

If you want to run SSE on an underpowered computer, are having performance problems, or want to run on a Mac check out the cloud version of SSE, see this post for more information.

You may think this article is stereotypical, but I have to let you know that we — the ones with street smarts — are the best lovers.

Please keep that in mind that if you need us to move venues or have tight times in between presentations so that there is enough time for interviews. On occasion people have problems with the information that is presented and the instructors are trained to deal with these problems.

They would not be available if the presentation is broadcast to a remote location and would not be available to deal with that.

By usage of big data science and novel machine learning algorithms, the system will increase efficiency of your car service and will maximize driver's profits while reducing passengers' waiting time.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office created Operation Street Smart in July 2002 as a way to take community oriented policing to a new level.

He acknowledges the role of a woman in a relationship, just as he expects her to acknowledge his role. We know what that the word means, and we know it is more of an active word. We saw it on the streets, through commitment and dedication.

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