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Currently SDEPs provide 17 hours of classroom education and six hours or 100 km behind-the-wheel instruction. I whant my learners licence i had now four time to get my licence and it is not that i didnot make it i make it with 4 points and then i fyle please can you help me to get my licence i will apreciated it can you please let me know what must i do because i had a problem with transport and when i get my lerners then i can start to dirve If I had a licence since 1979, and never got the new card kicence, Is there any possibility to obtain a card licence at this stage? From left you need to clear the left light plus a piece of the curb about a metre and lock out.

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To practice for your Learner's Licence, the best way is to sign up at a local test centre (they are different in each province so just google them and give them a call) and then practice questions using one of the online practice websites.

African Licence ( also has a free e Book so you can study for free and answer mock tests from only R10 per test.

I recently went to write my learners and the man at the door could not wait 2 mins for me to get my ID from the car... ive tought all my friends to drive and they all passed the first time but ive failed 5 times now and spend so much money on driving lessons. We give out loans within the Minimum range of Five Thousand United State Dollars to One Million United State Dollars ($1,000.000 to $50,000,000 USD).

anyway I wasn't allowed to write, due to 'Being late' my quuestion to you now is... Our loans are well insured for maximum security is our priority.

(See another article entitled" South Africa takes steps to combat fatalities".) The rapid growth in SDEPs was spurred by growth in traffic, a potent mix of third and first world road users, and huge problems caused by unschooled drivers entering the traffic system. With proper cluth control watch how you drive down the hill don't forget to always pull away with observations! Everyone needs to take a step back and remember that K53 may be done away with in SA.

Many of the new drivers entered with little knowledge about their vehicles or the conventions and procedures that provide for an orderly flow of traffic. You only need to have a genuine problem in parallel parking.

A learner's permit can be obtained at age 17 on completion of a knowledge test.

A full driver's licence can be obtained at age 18 by passing a road test.

The behind-the-wheel time covers motoring techniques such as gear changing and following distances. I was not able to book for my driving license in time because the bloody system takes ages. I WOULD LIKE TO GET MY DRIVERS LICENSE AND AM 19 YEARS OLD I NEED TO GET IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I HAVE ABOUT R4000 AND THE DRIVING SCHOOL JUST DISAPPEARED WITHOUT A TRACE.

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