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If I had to pick the BEST concept in this book, it would be the one which talks about discovering your "Non-Negotiables" What an amazing break through. It touches the heart and spirit and shows you how to prepare yourself for a soulmate relationship and the potential for a spiritual partnership. It has given me faith that I will find my spiritual partner or soulmate.You date some one who does or behaves in such a way you disagree, but you accept it thinking "he'll change" years later, a few kids, he still does those things. It's yours for compromising on your non-negotiable. The Seven Spiritual Wisdoms are totally inspirational as I try to prepare myself for the relationship that I know is possible. The soulwork steps are very inspirational, especially the one where Basha learns to forgive her father. The dating steps are ingenious and will help any reader find a partner who supports who she is.

You must work on yourself if you want to be in a happy relationship, another person cannot fix you or fill you up, you have to do that for yourself, one of the many things I learned from this book.! As a male in the dating world, I have found that we are continually criticized for being shallow and only wanting sex.

The spiritual part of this book, the first part, should dispel all that nonsense and I hope that many women read it so they will be able to see that a man can be soulful and caring.

While training to become a Marriage and Family Therapist I learned about healthy communication.

It is one of the most important books one can read if you are serious about wanting a healthy, loving, collaborative relationship where both your needs are met and you feel absolutely safe with your beloved...... Not settling is ok..geesh according to this book you should NEVER accept a person!

As energetic beings we are always emiting a frequency and engaging in the energetic communication with others. The reality is that we have cords that are both positive and negative.

Some cords are necessary, (like when we first have a baby) and are there to help psychically connect us.

The Wisdoms have given me a much better look at myself.

I was especially moved by the forgiveness piece Basha wrote concerning her dad. I recommend this book to all men who truly seek a spiritual connection.

But first, I need to explain a bit about the unique nature of our relationship. Love is, by far, the most common topic that clients want to talk about during Soul Sessions.

So it is not surprising that I am frequently asked: “Do love spells really work? Love spells are effective under the right circumstances and conditions, but the real question is not if they work, but how can they most optimally be working for...

I saw Basha and Jeff speak in Aventura in North Miami Beach and they truly provided inspiration that there is indeed a soul partner out there for me.

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