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So, contact our support team for this on [email protected] can enable / disable members to Follow other members.

Members can review and rate other member’s profiles.

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This Advanced Members Plugin provides you all the features required to increase member engagement on your website – Follow Members, Members Verification, Reviews & Ratings, Location & Proximity Search, Compliments, Featured, Sponsored, VIP.

Memberships are becoming increasingly popular and important on the web these days, which can prove invaluable for your business & website like member connections can be important for members in communities / websites related to of Bloggers, Dating, Careers & Jobs, Entertainment, etc who are logging for generating more income online, gather more information & provide better experiences to their existing members.

It is attractive, simple in use, has a huge amount of features: wall, albums, videos, events, team, store, check-ins, reviews, detailed visitors and location statistics.

Pages plugin has modular structure which allows you to save costs by purchasing only needed extensions and plugins.

Admin can enable / disable WYSIWYG editor for review description.

Admin configurable text on mouseover on Rating Stars.

We constantly work on improvements and integrations of Pages plugin family to keep it up to date and flexible for different projects.

You can use Pages plugin family for business directories like hotels, night clubs, restaurants, or public pages for fan clubs, musicians, models, etc. Each one can create a social page, like you do Facebook Pages.

We've already implemented wide range of extensions for Pages and constantly working on a new ones.

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