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PP is very strictly against being used for adult services.They are thorough about enforcement, and they issue stiff penalties if they catch you.There are also brand new models that can give you an amazing Skype show.

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All independent Skype cam models get asked about accepting Paypal, and hopefully most of us turn it down.

There are a few reasons why it’s dangerous for a cam model to accept Paypal (PP), so if you have any respect for your favorite cam girl, you should understand that you’re putting her at risk by paying that way.

Especially if you’re into kink or fetish, you may want to double check that the model has experience with your interests.

3) She knows about Pay Pal, but doesn’t care because she’s prepared to quit camming any day.

They really aren’t happy that a lot of gift cards and wishlist items are being purchased in exchange for adult services.

They have shut down the accounts of some known cam girls without giving warning or the opportunity to spend remaining gift card balances.

Yes, scam girls exist, and we don’t like them any more than you do.

If you think you’re talking to an established, business-savvy Skype model, but she agrees to accept Pay Pal, please be wary. Is is possible that a model’s official Skype account has been hacked?

If a Skype model is ignoring the dangers of PP, it may mean that she wants to get as much quick money as possible, and will just quit camming when she gets caught.

This isn’t universally true, because some models will use PP as long as possible and then switch to another payment method.

Guess who PP is going to punish when the smoke clears?

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