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Zeit- und zielgerecht taumelte der Kurs noch einmal steil nach unten und erreichte den Tiefpunkt von 60 Mark pro Aktie.

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I analysed more than 70,000 fonts, most of them forgeries, and documented them in innumerable PDF files comprising more than 5,000 pages covering numerous font forging companies.

The design of my website is boring and my English is clumsy, but the facts described are pure dynamite.

But Linotype's shady Bruno Steinert, who used to call these Monotype forgeries "nefarious evil knock-off clones", did not hesitate to hand over his most renowned designers Hermann Zapf and Adrian Frutiger to their greatest enemy, the Monotype font forging company.

The Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG ("Heideldruck") is the world's largest printing maschine company with 3.5 billion Euro annual sales and 18,000 employees in the current fiscal year 2005/2006.

10 years ago, the former Linotype-Hell had debts to the amount of 300 million DM.

Heideldruck's CEO Hartmut Mehdorn waited like a vulture until Linotype was on the brink of bankruptcy, and then he bought Linotype for the symbolic purchasing price of one Dollar and transformed Linotype into a font department of Heideldruck."Als im Oktober 1995 Hartmut Mehdorn den Vorstandsvorsitz bei Heidelberg übernahm, befand sich die Linotype-Aktie schon im freien Fall.

Die Nachricht moribundus kam telephonisch um Pfingsten 1996. Der Bankier Dietrich-Kurt Frowein trat nach einem Jahrzehnt Amtszeit als Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender von Linotype-Hell zurück.

Zugleich besann er sich auf zwei weitere Funktionen: Vorstandsmitglied der Commerzbank und Aufsichtsratsmitglied von Heidelberg.

Whether these copyright notices are fraudulent copyright notices or not must be decided by criminal lawcourts. The entire Gold Edition 6.0 CD is documented by the huge file Lino60(12 MB, 100 pages) containing typesetting specimens of the fonts of this alleged "Linotype" collection for the purpose of identifying font forgeries.

The file Lino17(320 KB, 46 pages) lists 3880 fonts contained in the Linotype "Gold Edition 1.7" of September 2002, but still sold in 2005.

Bruno Steinert already left the sinking ship at the end of August 2006.

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