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For a short while there were some local bands getting signed, and they still are to a lesser degree.It’s just one of those countries that are very difficult to get signed and once you do get signed then you sort of get watered down and you become a sort of adult contemporary act.

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There’s really no way to sustain yourself touring cause you basically play bars and nightclubs.

No tour bus, people will rent a van or take their own personal cars and drive to the shows so it’s a very different touring lifestyle over there.

We lived in a city called Pietermaritzburg and that was basically the last few years of high school and I left and moved to Johannesburg.

I started studying and went to college, studying for a bachelor of technology. Basically spent two and a half years on a three year degree and then I bailed at the end to be in the band full time. Otherwise I’d be a jeweler somewhere in South Africa, working for some guy that pays you minimum wage.

Then we got signed and had a record deal in 2001 from a company in South Africa called Musketeer Records.

When we got signed, I dropped out of college, which I was in my last semester so I could have finished. We didn’t really have a manager so I was managing the band myself.

And in this story, it’s a true story about an owner who ends up shooting this dog by accident because he mistakes him for a fox.

And the song played was called “Spirit Of The Great Heart” by Johnny Clegg and I remember at the time it just moved me so much cause I was like, well, now I’m unhappy cause the dog’s gone, and the song was so powerful and that memory imprinted on me.

As children, we all rode bicycles and climbed trees and had a jolly good time just being a kid.

Seether’s frontman Shaun Morgan wasn’t that different from you and me … Calling in before a show in northern Mississippi, Morgan talked at length about his childhood, his influences, his band’s latest CD I grew up on a pig farm.

The record companies in South Africa make their revenue from international acts.

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