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A that is what I have been waiting for, those wonderful sensations of my body feeling loving touches and caresses.

I leave the cloth to float in the water and bring my hands back to my aching breasts.

Gathering them together, lightly caressing them with my strong hands.

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I down my glass of water, spilling a drop that slides down my chin and lands in between my breasts. The sensation feels so good that I deliberately spill another couple of drops down, sucking in a breath as I feel it run down my tummy and collecting in my panties and sliding lower, running over my smooth pussy and lips.

I close my eyes as I feel my body start to throb with unreleased passion, feeling my nipples start to harden at the thoughts that are racing through my brain.

I get in and start it, pull out of the parking lot thinking about what fun we can have.

All the way home I sing and smile to the radio, wanting to get home as fast as I can.

As I walk through the house, I start pulling off clothes, leaving a trail of them into the bedroom, then the adjoining bathroom.

I quickly rinse out the tub, then start filling it with hot steamy water, knowing it will take a bit to get full.

I quickly set the glass down and walk back to our bathroom.

The water in the tub is just about the right height.

Water starts to stream out of the jets, making lots of bubbles and stirring the water.

My blood running in my veins starts to stir at the thought of those jets, knowing what kind of pleasure it will receive from them.

I spread open my lips now, sliding my fingers over my clit, making those quivers stronger, feeling my body respond with growing passion.

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