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Now it's time to step back from the mirror and pay more attention to our teen girls.

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The camp retreat took place at the serene Mount Sequoyah conference center in Arkansas. organizers Angela Oxford and Amanda Finch (University of Arkansas staffers) selflessly doted on the teen campers.

(Many thanks to Gwen Kelly for making this connection.) I watched in awe as Dream B. The teens rewarded the staffers' attention, and confidence-building activities with warm, genuine smiles. campers revealed that there is much work to do and that women must step up to the plate and pay it forward.

Amanda Munson & Tracey Nickola (and formerly Nancy Skacel), faculty members in the joint pharmacogenomics program between Shenandoah University and The George Washington University, decided to put on the camp, which has just seen its 5 year, in order to pay forward the encouragement they were given by mentors to stay in science.

“Faculty from our program started out showing high school science teachers how to use common genomics techniques in their own classrooms but discovered that with budgetary and safety constraints, they just couldn’t take what we showed them back to their schools. Thankfully, our school district had a HHMI grant that funds this endeavor.” But why have a girls-only camp?

Weaving provocatively between home and school, the narrative powerfully unfurls the true story behind Thea’s expulsion from her family, but it isn’t long before the mystery of her past is rivaled by the question of how it will shape her future.

Part scandalous love story, part heartbreaking family drama, The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls is an immersive, transporting page-turner—a vivid, propulsive novel about sex, love, family, money, class, home, and horses, all set against the ominous threat of the Depression—and the major debut of an important new writer.

Some smiles were hard to come by on the first day as the teens navigated their new surroundings and met new friends; however, other smiles were hard to come by even on the last day of camp, as grown-up issues awaited the teens back at home. Paying it forward begins with taking active steps to prevent the adult situations that many of our teen girls face alone.

Issues of poverty, peer pressure, neglect, and unfathomable abuse are the reality for many teen girls throughout the country. While I am not suggesting that grown women stop living their risqué cougar fantasies with sexy 21-year-old boyfriends and Forever 21 club clothes, I am suggesting that grown women make time to nurture and mentor teen girls who are forced into adulthood too soon.

Teenage girls want to avoid being that first stereotype at all costs, while the second suggests that only sexy girls can get away with being brainy too.

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