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Lo, just to name a few amazing artists who inspired me to dance.

Another thing I used to do was lock myself in the bathroom for hours, singing and dancing in the mirror to every song on my playlist. EBONY: Heel talk definitely brings out your sex appeal.

But it’s okay, you can still take the class anyway,” my friend said as we walked into Gotta Dance.

The parking lot was packed with cars, an indication of the electric activity inside of the building.

EBONY: Tell me, how did you get started in dance and what was your inspiration to do so?

Latasha Bryant: I started my dance journey at a very young age, when I would be the last one dancing at every family function.

I loved every minute of it, and while I knew I always wanted to teach, that moment just finalized it for me and confirmed my niche.

A new dance studio opened up by the name of Metropolitan Dance Studio, and I auditioned to become a heels instructor and made the cut.

Just to see the silhouette of my body or the arch in my back or the length of my legs was always euphoric to me.

My ace Princess Mbanuzue, also a phenomenal dancer, was teaching a seduction class in Atlanta, at Rhythma Studios, where she needed a sub on several occasions and asked me to fill in.

You can find these classes in your city or another near you by using Google to search “dance classes.” To find out more about Tasha’s “Heel Talk” sessions and dance appearances, connect with her on social media via Instagram @tashab1 and visit her website,

After cleaning up and changing back into my street clothes, I had the chance to pull Latasha aside to talk about her experience as a professional dancer and her opinions on how dance can help any woman enhance her awareness of her own sexuality.

It was a Tuesday night, and this popular dance school in the heart of Atlanta housed several dance classes at every level.

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