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Therapy Sites websites are equipped with online appointment scheduling which will benefit busy couples and families on the go.Appointment requests are sent directly to your phone so you never miss a call again.

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You can can go through the checklist and see if you have some of these symptoms.

This list is not exhaustive nor does it mean that you have been sexually abused, but it can help you put the pieces together. The more dysfunctional, the more we have these symptoms unless we have worked through the recovery process.

They have soo much to do with whether you are comfortable being seen, or whether you need to hide behind extra weight or distract yourself with disordered eating. And if your sexual template was created in pain, shame, guilt or fear, bringing it into the light with somebody who loves you and whom you can trust is an amazing beautiful gift you can have.

Your sexuality holds so much of your lifeforce energy… If there is weight there, pain there, shame there, set yourself free with some good solid therapy.

I know that one of the biggest gifts I bring to the table is my ability to bring love and acceptance and a heart that does not judge when somebody wants to venture into these waters. the truth is I am extremely comfortable in places that others may feel squeamish.

In our crazy society, where despite all of the voyeurism and tell-all tabloids, there is the other polarity of the old puritan ethic alive and well. where has the shame or fear or disappointment hung on? For me, the first time had certain meaning but it was my next lover that I experimented with who really breathed life into my sexual being. every sense of mine holds details of that time, that summer.Please remember that your password is case-sensitive.Your Sexual Template-Part of the series of “Living Beautifully In Your Body” Let’s talk about sex, you and me, yes?This is what I was thinking about at the end of Sunday-morning yoga class, when we were “supposed” to be thinking about nothing.. I was here instead as this idea bubbled up and wanted to become a blogpost. Themes that show up as part of your sexuality, as individual as your fingerprints. My closest friend and I, whom I’ve known since preschool and daycamp, talk about sex a fair amount together. It was heady stuff, and even in the remembering in present-time, my entire neural network lights up.God bless those friends who we can tell anything to, seriously. I remember his gorgeous face and the whole sexual haze of it all.First do this worksheet with looking at the costs and benefits of continuing the sexual addiction. This handout goes with the audio recording, "Getting Motivated" in our Audio Download Store.

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