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You hike and enjoy the trip, we will take care of the rest!Trips departing from Horseshoe Meadows, originate at Cottonwood Pack Station.

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We can help you create a personal route, menu and ideal wilderness adventure.

Call or email us to discuss your schedule and preferred itinerary.

Join Fulbright Scholar and retired National Park Ranger Dr.

Nancy Muleady-Mecham for a once in a lifetime chance to learn all about these mountains and the nature within them. Well learn about animal adaptations, birds and mammals; Sierra geology, glaciation, and weather; dendrochronology (the science of tree-ring dating), the mixed conifer and alpine forests, wildflowers, fire ecology; and indigenous people through time.

To contact Rock Creek Pack Station, even for Horseshoe Meadow information, please call 760-872-8331.

This is mountain travel for the hiker who wants to enjoy the wilderness for longer than his or her back can carry the needed supplies!

All cars need to be free of food items or scented products that could attract bears.

Please give your packer those items to be stored in our bear proof containers while you are on a pack trip. Cell service is available on the road overlooking the Owens Valley just before you enter the Cottonwood/Horseshoe Meadow area.

Bring binoculars, cameras and your sense of wonder.

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