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We have had some very aggressive outbursts over the holidays and I have now realised- he bought xbox live for his b day just after christmas ( DH let him, i knew nothing) . Will speck to me, all he says is he don't care about anything. When he loses he bursts out crying and beats his fists against his forehead.

There must be a more competitive element when you're playing against friends. As I was unplugging it to take it out,after giving warning he got angry and attacked me pushing,shouting. He is under the cams team but will not in gage with them. But he's a very talented footballer with 4 local clubs after him. It's his older brother's game anyhow so now he's banned from playing it, but I honestly don't know what to do as that doesn't solve the problem it just removes it.

I'm giving you some information about managing anger that might help you to broach this with him.

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ahhh my partner comes home from work and plays his xbox to unwind! if my stepson plays on racing games like need for speed he doesnt get angry, he might get a bit wound up but as hes not playing someone else he just restarts it if he looses ....

yet ends up screaming at the tv and waking up the baby... (or ask me or his dad to help lol ) if hes playing war games or something along those lines, try getting him to play the racing games, see if that helps and as a pp has said get him a punch bag to let off steam.

Every move that Sony makes to try to hide this code only further promotes that it's out there. Why is Sony so hell bent on punishing everyone for daring to restore functionality that they thought had been included in a box they had bought?

And why does Sony (who really should know better) think that this strategy will be effective this time, when every single time a company has reacted this way it has backfired in a big, bad way?

When you now change your wrestler to the Miz your opponent will change to Mr Fuji.

When this happens select Mr Fuji and then deselect The Miz and switch the slot you are playing as from the left to right, if you have done this correctly you will be able to pick from the list of managers. I wanted to let you know that I have asked Diane who works for Family Lives to come and post as having her input will be helpful to you and any other members who have this sort of problem.Take care Linda Hi Lucy, This is a problem we are hearing more and more at Family Lives.Sony continues to massively overreact to the news that a hacker figured out how to "jailbreak" the PS3 in order to re-enable the functionality that Sony had deleted from PS3s.Beyond getting a far overreaching gag order on George Hotz, who figured out the jailbreak, and playing Whac-a-Mole to try to take down the code anywhere it appears, the company has now asked a judge to order Google to provide the IP addresses and other identifying info of anyone who viewed or commented on the video about the jailbreak that was hosted on a private You Tube page.It sounds like your son needs to as the PP said play less windy up games or provide something physical like a boxing bag for when he needs the wind down.

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