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Really really bad and completely uninspired 'product'.) is a 2012 Swedish science fiction/drama series set in an alternative near-future version of Sweden where consumer-level humanoid robot workers and servants are widespread.

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All Hubots also have a USB-like port, in either the back of the neck or in their lower back, which is used for programming and data.

The button to activate or de-power a hubot is located under the left armpit, as is a standard wall plug cord for recharging purposes.

Leo instructs the Hubots to hide out at a nearby church, then he leaves with Max to search for Mimi.

In his absence, Niska assumes leadership and instructs the others to head for the church, but after they leave she returns to the farm and murders the couple to stop them talking.

A small, low-funded branch of the police is set up to investigate hubot related crimes, known as E-HURB.

Hubot-human sexual activity is taboo but not uncommon and many hubots are programmed for limited sexual activity.While some people embrace this new technology, others are disturbed by it.A far-right political movement, the "real humans", arises in opposition to the encroachment of hubots upon human society.Hubots require only electricity to survive and must recharge regularly, during which they enter a sleep-like state.Hubot skin feels similar to human skin and is kept at normal human body temperature, but beneath the skin are metal components and a blue fluid/lubricant known as Hub Fluid. They obey a set of rules called "Asimov" protocols that prevent them from harming humans.She has a boyfriend, Chris (Chris Santos), who's a personal trainer. Not to mention the 'infamous' RED camera: the movie looked like it was shot with some mini DV camera with all highlights totally blown and no depth to the images.

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