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He said: 'At one stage I considered killing John Earle.The only way to release myself from that emotional hold he had over my life was to actually kill him.'The rock-climber revealed the first instance of abuse took place when he was beaten in the headmaster's office for climbing a tree in the school grounds, which had a 'huge effect' on him. After the case, Mr Peters said: 'The terrible burden of shame which caused me pain and blighted my life for 60 years has now been lifted.He later hosted the BBC children's science television series Tom Tom from 1965 to 1970.

The judge said the victim 'had no knowledge of sexual matters'.

He said the 'abuse had had a profound effect on him throughout his life'.

Mr Peters told Channel 4 last night the extent of the abuse which caused him so much pain, and admitted that he once thought about 'killing' Earle.

He added that he decided to speak out after seeing him as 'a disempowered old man'.

After he ate it, Earle told him it was "their little secret".'The abuse continued in on a weekly basis during term time at the school and on Earle's boat in Dartmouth on weekend trips.

Mr Peters wrote a victim impact statement, part of which was read by prosecutor Mr Crabb.

He was also a Dartmoor explorer and owned the Dartmoor Expedition Centre - a venue used by youngsters training for the Duke of Edinburgh awards, Ten Tors as well as school and youth groups.

Earle admitted six counts of indecent assault at Exeter Crown Court last month.

After having solved the filmmaking problem of “rave critical reviews glowing audience response = success” with “Paddington” in 2015, much of the same creative team is back for a sequel that improves upon its impressive original installment.

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