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I will have you doing things you never thought you would do, crossing boundries you didn’t even know you had and engaging in the most cerebral splendid domination dreams you have wished about.. LOVE to wear highheels, it makes me feel like a Goddes.

you will liberate your inhibitions and release all your secrets…

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but i mean a few things fly ina about it but people just be themselves and its an addictive room thats what i usually spend my nights on...

Wwell all I can say is I have been coming here for a long time, and as you say it is very addicting... Here u feel like where you belong and u talk to people and have a good time talking to people like you. I have met people here that live close to me and we have became such good friends!!

A hot affair starts they have their way to get eachother but one day they got caught by deeksha as she was suspecting them for few days.

After get caught...1) deeksha was forced and have sex and later she submitted and they have fmf.2) Deeksha was in fire and join them.3) Deeksha made her mind to have him.that's other for group or multi rp.#roleplay#cheatingwife#charcters ka­mini age 32 pradeep kmani's hubby age 34 and shivam pradeep's boss age 29#story mai newly transfrd hu office mai tumhra husband mere office me clerk h tum ek sexy hot lady ho jo apne mayke me ek bhut rich family se belong krti ho tumne love marriageki thi pradeep se but ab pradeep tumhre expansis ko utha nhi pa rha h so tum usse naraj rhti ho tumko mahgi dresses nackless etc bhut pasand h but pradeep can't afford that is tarah life chal rhi hoti hphir mai aata hu is time ek office parti hoti h to mai sab office members ko invite krtahu unki families k sath wha tumhri mulakat mujhse hoti h mai ek no ka therki darubaz doorso ki bb me bhut intrst hota h wha tum apne husband se chhip kar apne jlwe mujhe dikhati ho mere sath dance krti ho daru pitiho etcno exchange hote h phir hum log milne lgteh movies tum mahnge gifts leti ho mujhse ...h ise continue kre#roleplay #padosan Aunty#charaters:- shaila age 38 & me age 24#story:- Shivam Verma poore muhhale ha sabse sharmila ldka h jo milfs ko bhut pasand krta h meri family out of town gyi h to mujhe tumhre yha rahne khane k lie chod dia gya h Shaila ek aisi hot lady h jiska kai affairs h secretly but mai tumhe ek din chudte hue dekh leta hu #scenes 1 sadi me masti Bathroom fun Teasing by u Car me fun Lots of lust A loving couple ,don't have children reason defect in husband,husband want her to leave him and get marry to someone,but wife loves husband very much and she does not want to leave her husband and she is mocked by society and mother in law of not getting children last husband takes one bold step to get her wife get pregnant ,he convinces his friend to sleep with his wife and with more difficult he convinces his wife.

I’m a sucker for romantic stuff like muddy chat and rough fuckfest.

I can lightly get revved on by fellows that makes me perceive exclusive. JUST TELL ME WHAT U FANTASY FOR – BRAND FRESH SWEETHEART!!!

To find current things to do in Second Life, log in, change your settings to permit Adult areas, then do a Places search for your favorite words. No "txt-speak" allowed, we want good roleplay instead! The Crack Den - Corrupted city based on realistic, dark & graphic roleplay -- RPG w/ Crime, Street Violence, Drugs, Gangs, Police, Medical, Hobo & Trailer Trash!

Note: The Second Life chat world requires a fairly current computer system, and a good graphics card (NVidia, ATI Radeon, or Iintel 945). P.) - BDSM RP/Roleplay area where predators/dominants capture and use prey/submissives/slaves. Forced Fantasy RP: Rape Victim, Sex, Capture, Kidnap. Human Trafficking Mansion - Role play, Forced Prostitution, Forced Fantasy, Sexual Slavery, Rape Roleplay, BDSM Dark Den - [Accounts must be 20 days old] Abduction, Kidnap, forced prostitution, auction, slave, BDSM, free collar, rape, capture, prison, gangbang, Master, submissive, Dom, Domme, bondage, suspend, bukkake, human trafficking, torture, slut, sexy, docile, servage, suspend.

If you are over eighteen years of age and are interested in erotic writing, come write with us.

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