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In the given example, the input data can have multiple yet valid formats.

The mapping logic should be able to identify all the valid values.

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Regular expression validating date Sex audio chat rooms

The field will now accept input value like 1920, 2010 but would reject other values that fall outside the range.

A regular expression may appear gibberish but they aren’t so difficult to read and understand if you can know the basic rules of the language.

Almost every editor on every computer system can do this.

Regular expressions are more powerful and flexible. You can search Numbers, Punctuation Characters, Patterns and so on.

I included the explanation on how the regular expression is constructed in the code, however the day part of the date needs a little more explanation. This is done to verify that the combination of the digits in the day string falls between 01 and 31.

The expression for day validation is a group of three mutually exclusive sub-expressions or alternatives. This expression will validate dates in US format from years 1800 to 2199.The form is ready for publishing online but before you make it live, how would you ensure that candidates have entered data in the correct format?And even if the format is proper, is the data itself valid?Many Java applications have to process input date values, so I thought it will be beneficial to this blog readers to show how regular expression can be used to validate date in Java.First I’ll show you how to validate date using java regex in US format and later I’ll show you how that same logic can be applied to validate date in English format (used in most countries outside North America).If you have used other code segments from me, you have probably realized that the above, hard-to-understand-at-a-first-glance code is normal for me.

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