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My brother-in-law Vova helped me string up my dipole creatively in the tops of some maple trees.We ran the feed line in through the window in the living room under the rugs and then through a bedroom and into my makeshift shack on a balcony with a footprint of about 43 feet.

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As the time went on my Amateur Radio hobby turned out to be quite annoying to them.

Well, to make a long story short, after all of these phone calls and long trips to the Radio Frequency Commission I got my export license.

I was shocked when they told me that I was in luck as Joe was due in momentarily to tape an upcoming segment of, can you believe it, Moscow Mailbag.

Not only did we get to chat for a while but I got to sit in the sound booth with him while he taped the episode. It was one of those moments that I just kept saying to myself “who would have ever thought in 1962 that I would someday be where I was?

Most of the time it was an annoyance for hams, but one segment that caught my ear repeatedly and was always of interest to me was Moscow Mailbag hosted by Mr Joe Adamov.

Joe started work as an announcer at the foreign language service of Radio Moscow in 1942 and for years hosted one of the station’s most popular programs.

Well, I have to tell you that I really enjoyed my operating in Moscow and I met many great people in my time there.

I set up my station, which consisted of a Kenwood TS-50, power supply, antenna tuner and keyer on a small balcony in my mother-in-law’s sixth floor flat.

I can remember the excitement of Amateur Radio and the annoyance of my parents telling me to “clean up my mess,” “give it a break and go outside and play,” or “what do you need all these wires around the house for?

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