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For the uninitiated, zor is the session where pahalwans indulge in vigorous exercise at the akhada.We see three pairs of wrestlers holding each other’s shoulders, or trying to topple their opponents. Even in the eight degrees chill, with the celebrated wrestler taking them through the paces, the rookies are perspiring.Thousands of people turn up at a dangal just because he is competing in the jhandi kushti,” says Kalliraman, who was Doomcheri’s contemporary in the 1990s.

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Police officials managed to track down the family from the details of the car's registration number.

It was his Olympian son Palwinder Cheema who reached the hospital at around 9.30 pm and confirmed that the deceased was Sukhchain.

Off it, in the sporting arena, the exploits of double Olympic medallist Kumar and Commonwealth champions Yogeshwar Dutt and Amit Dahiya have kindled a boom in mat wrestling.

But the rock star of mitti kushti in the country is Paraminder Singh Doomcheri.

“Now I can return to my village and tell my friends I won a bout,” says the muscular, slender boy whose voice is yet to break but he regularly beats wrestlers in their teens.

On the silver screen, with Aamir Khan playing celebrated wrestling coach Mahavir Phogat in Dangal and Salman Khan essaying a wrestler’s role in Sultan, Bollywood is paying a tribute to India’s long-standing affair with pahalwans.

The two shift places and Una dives like a supple fish to topple the taller wrestler. But at stake is something valued immensely in rural India: the respect that a village earns once its wrestler wins a dangal (competition).

A cheer erupts, the tempo of the dhol quickens and the noise at the akhada (wrestling pit) becomes deafening: “Kushti ho gayi! “He should’ve seen the Machli Gota coming,” rues Samana’s father and coach Lakha Pahalwan. Drawing crowds in thousands, wrestlers travel great distances to compete in dangals for rewards as little as `100.

Ask for directions to the dangal and the buzurg sprawled on a cot tells us to follow the thump of the drumbeat.

Walking in the bylanes, past women washing clothes and stray dogs jousting in the sun, you hear a shrill announcement on a loudspeaker: Today’s jhandi kushti (title bout) is between ‘Himachal Kesri’ Gaurav Una and ‘Patiala ka Sher’ Binder Samana.

Gaurav has shown Binder the aasman and won the `51,000 Makar Sakranti Dangal! Even the adolescent wrestlers are hungry to flaunt their grappling prowess.

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