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Using a questionnaire, we assessed the quality of life of dogs (activities, relationship between handlers and their dog).

Personality traits (neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness, conscientiousness) and subtraits of handlers (30 subtraits belonging to the five human traits) were determined using the NEO-PI-R questionnaire, and personality traits of the dogs were investigated through six subtests that allowed us to characterize five dog personality traits.

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Improving operational performances of working dog–human dyads is receiving more and more attention.

Despite this interest, the associations between human personality, dog personality, dog-human personality matching and dyad performances have rarely been addressed.

This study explores the links between human and dog personality traits, their matching, the human-dog relationship, and dyad performances of handlers and working dogs belonging to the canine unit of the Paris Firefighters Brigade.

Using a repeated searching task in a training field, we evaluated the performances of 14 dyads using three parameters: searching speed, searching precision and speed improvement of the dyad.

We compared the performances of dyads in relation to the human-dog relationship and correlated these with human, dog personality traits and their matching. “agreeableness”) were all positively related with precision of the searching task (correlation with the number of errors: = 0.06).

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