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Reliever Eddie Solomon completed the shutout, going the final two innings to secure the victory. I never complained about relieving last year, but I’ve always wanted to be a starter.” “Last year was frustrating,” Scurry admitted. They were world champions, and they had to go with the pitchers who won.Although he didn’t close the game, Scurry had made a superlative debut start that lived up to his pedigree and reminded many of the days when he struck out eighteen or nineteen per start back at Hug High. I wasn’t thrilled too much with sitting around, but I didn’t get down on myself.” Across the diamond, the Astros took notice of what they had seen thrown against them.The drug was making the rounds through their softball league, alongside the other party mainstays: beer, pot, and Percodan.

A snort in each nostril and you’re up and away for 30 minutes or so. In the 1960s, when he was just a child, he stacked mattresses against the wooden fence in the backyard of his Nevada home and hurled fastballs at them. Frequently compared to the preeminent lefty of all time, Sandy Koufax, Scurry drove himself to live up to the compliment. to jog to school through high mountain air and sometimes freezing temperatures just so he could get extra pitching practice in at the Hug High gym before the opening bell rang.

But despite his batting prowess, he had always been a pitcher at heart. He could sweep his curveball in at such an angle the ball would bend between a batter’s legs.

Whatever the price, by whatever name, cocaine is becoming the All-American Drug. Scurry’s aspiration to pitch a complete game nearly came to fruition.

On game days, when his teachers believed him to be studiously tending to his work in the classroom he would in fact be poring over index cards he had made that listed the tendencies of the opposing team’s big hitters.

I know how it feels.” A poll of scouts echoed Niekro’s assessment, declaring that Scurry’s curveball was not just good but the finest in the major leagues.

“Scurry Can’t Sleep on Major Success,” read the sports page the day after the game, playing off Scurry’s remark that he had been “too excited to sleep” the night before his start and had in fact slept little at all in the two days leading up to the outing.

he butterflies have already started,” said Rod Scurry on April 18, 1981, in anticipation of his first major league start the following day in Houston.

He pitched seven strong innings, shutting out the Astros on four hits, while adding seven strikeouts.

Life could not have been better.” Shiffman’s 1969 high school yearbook describes him as “a real car buff . “It made you feel like a somebody even if you really were a nobody,” he says.

Shiffman and Koch, like so many others in the early 1980s, had recently discovered cocaine.

Pitching coach Harvey Haddix defended the young pitcher, saying, “You don’t need sleep to pitch.

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