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For purposes of this section, "developer" shall mean and include any private individual, partnership, trust or corporation which improves two or more parcels of real property with single family dwellings pursuant to a common scheme or plan.

The notice of lien must be filed in the clerk's office of the county where the property is situated.

The term "building loan mortgage," when used in this chapter, means a mortgage made pursuant to a building loan contract and includes an agreement wherein and whereby a building loan mortgage is consolidated with existing mortgages so as to constitute one lien upon the mortgaged property. In no case shall the owner be liable to pay by reason of all liens created pursuant to this article a sum greater than the value or agreed price of the labor and materials remaining unpaid, at the time of filing notices of such liens, except as hereinafter provided.

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The comptroller of the state or the financial officer of the public corporation or other officer or person charged with the custody and disbursements of the state or corporate funds applicable to the contract under which the claim is made shall enter the same in a book provided for that purpose, to be called the "lien book". Within sixty days after the original filing, a lienor may amend his lien upon twenty days notice to existing lienors, mortgagees and the owner, provided that no action or proceeding to enforce or cancel the mechanics' lien has been brought in the interim, where the purpose of the amendment is to reduce the amount of the lien, except the question of willful exaggeration shall survive such amendment. In a proper case, the court may, upon five days' notice to existing lienors, mortgagees and owner, make an order amending a notice of lien upon a public or private improvement, nunc pro tunc.

Such entry shall include the name and residence of the lienor, the name of the contractor or subcontractor, the amount of the lien and date of filing, and a brief designation of the contract under which the lien arose. However, no amendment shall be granted to the prejudice of an existing lienor, mortgagee or purchaser in good faith, as the case may be. Priority of liens (1) A lien for materials furnished or labor performed in the improvement of real property shall have priority over a conveyance, mortgage, judgment or other claim against such property not recorded, docketed or filed at the time of the filing of the notice of such lien, except as hereinafter in this chapter provided; over advances made upon any mortgage or other encumbrance thereon after such filing, except as hereinafter in this article provided; and over the claim of a creditor who has not furnished materials or performed labor upon such property, if such property has been assigned by the owner by a general assignment for the benefit of creditors, within thirty days before the filing of either of such notices; and also over an attachment hereafter issued or a money judgment hereafter recovered upon a claim, which, in whole or in part, was not for materials furnished, labor performed or moneys advanced for the improvement of such real property; and over any claim or lien acquired in any proceedings upon such judgment.

The term "owner," when used in this chapter, includes the owner in fee of real property, or of a less estate therein, a lessee for a term of years, a vendee in possession under a contract for the purchase of such real property, and all persons having any right, title or interest in such real property, which may be sold under an execution in pursuance of the provisions of statutes relating to the enforcement of liens of judgment, and all persons having any right or franchise granted by a public corporation to use the streets and public places thereof, and any right, title or interest in and to such franchise. The term "cost of improvement," when used in this chapter, means expenditures incurred by the owner in paying the claims of a contractor, an architect, engineer or surveyor, a subcontractor, laborer and materialman, arising out of the improvement, and in paying the amount of taxes based on payrolls including such persons and withheld or required to be withheld and taxes based on the purchase price or value of materials or equipment required to be installed or furnished in connection with the performance of the improvement, payment of taxes and unemployment insurance and other contributions due by reason of the employment out of which any such claim arose, and payment of any benefits or wage supplements or the amounts necessary to provide such benefits or furnish such supplements, to the extent that the owner, as employer, is obligated to pay or provide such benefits or furnish such supplements by any agreement to which he is a party, and shall also include fair and reasonable sums paid for obtaining building loan and subsequent financing, premiums on bond or bonds filed pursuant to section thirty-seven of this chapter or required by any such building loan contract or by any lease to be mortgaged pursuant thereto, or required by any mortgage to be subordinated to the building loan mortgage, premiums on bond or bonds filed to discharge liens, sums paid to take by assignment prior existing mortgages, which are consolidated with building loan mortgages and also the interest charges on such mortgages, sums paid to discharge or reduce the indebtedness under mortgages and accrued interest thereon and other encumbrances upon real estate existing prior to the time when the lien provided for in this chapter may attach, sums paid to discharge building loan mortgages whenever recorded, taxes, assessments and water rents existing prior to the commencement of the improvement, and also those accruing during the making of the improvement, and interest on building loan mortgages, ground rent and premiums on insurance likewise accruing during the making of the improvement. The term "benefits and wage supplements" as used in this chapter means all remuneration for employment paid in any medium other than cash, or reimbursement for expenses, or any payments which are not "wages" within the meaning of the law, including, but not limited to, health, welfare, non-occupational disability, retirement, vacation benefits, holiday pay and life insurance. For the purposes of this subdivision the term "beneficial interest" shall mean the beneficial incidents of ownership of the improvement to include, but not be limited to, the right to possession, the right to claim tax benefits, if any, and the right to purchase or secure title to the improvement pursuant to an executory contract of sale, option agreement or lease. The provisions of this article relating to the contents, filing and entry of a notice of a mechanic's lien, and the priority and duration thereof, shall apply to such liens.

The term "public corporation," when used in this chapter, means a municipal corporation or a district corporation or a public benefit corporation as such corporations are defined in section three of the general corporation law. Nothing contained in this section shall create or be deemed to create any liability upon any industrial development agency for the payment of the cost of any improvement, or otherwise. The term "improvement of real property," when used in this chapter, means any improvement of real property not belonging to the state or a public corporation. Where no public fund has been established for the financing of a public improvement with estimated cost in excess of two hundred fifty thousand dollars, the chief financial officer of the public owner shall require the private entity for whom the public improvement is being made to post, or cause to be posted, a bond or other form of undertaking guaranteeing prompt payment of moneys due to the contractor, his or her subcontractors and to all persons furnishing labor or materials to the contractor or his or her subcontractors in the prosecution of the work on the public improvement. Liens for labor on railroads Any person who shall hereafter perform any labor for a railroad corporation shall have a lien for the value of such labor upon the railroad track, rolling-stock and appurtenances of such railroad corporation and upon the land upon which such railroad track and appurtenances are situated, by filing a notice of such lien in the office of the clerk of any county wherein any part of such railroad is situated, to the extent of the right, title and interest of such corporation in such property, existing at the time of such filing.

The term "lienor," when used in this chapter, means any person having a lien upon property by virtue of its provisions, and includes his successor in interest. If the purchaser at such sale fails to complete the purchase, pursuant to the terms of the sale, all liens created by his consent after such sale shall be a lien on any deposit made by him and not on the real property sold. A conveyance, mortgage, lien or incumbrance made by an owner of real property, for the purpose of avoiding the provisions of this article, with the knowledge or privity of the person to whom the conveyance is made or in whose favor the mortgage, lien or incumbrance is created, shall be void and of no effect as against a claim on account of the improvement of such real property, existing at the time of the making of the conveyance or the creation of such mortgage, lien or incumbrance.

The term "real property," when used in this chapter, includes real estate, lands, tenements and hereditaments, corporeal and incorporeal, fixtures, and all bridges and trestle work, and structures connected therewith, erected for the use of railroads, and all oil or gas wells and structures and fixtures connected therewith, and any lease of oil lands or other right to operate for the production of oil or gas upon such lands, and the right of franchise granted by a public corporation for the use of the streets or public places thereof, and all structures placed thereon for the use of such right or franchise. The purchaser of real property at a statutory or judicial sale shall be deemed the owner thereof from the time of such sale. The term "improvement," when used in this chapter, includes the demolition, erection, alteration or repair of any structure upon, connected with, or beneath the surface of, any real property and any work done upon such property or materials furnished for its permanent improvement, and shall also include any work done or materials furnished in equipping any such structure with any chandeliers, brackets or other fixtures or apparatus for supplying gas or electric light and shall also include the drawing by any architect or engineer or surveyor, of any plans or specifications or survey, which are prepared for or used in connection with such improvement and shall also include the value of materials actually manufactured for but not delivered to the real property, and shall also include the reasonable rental value for the period of actual use of machinery, tools and equipment and the value of compressed gases furnished for welding or cutting in connection with the demolition, erection, alteration or repair of any real property, and the value of fuel and lubricants consumed by machinery operating on the improvement, or by motor vehicles owned, operated or controlled by the owner, or a contractor or subcontractor while engaged exclusively in the transportation of materials to or from the improvement for the purposes thereof and shall also include the performance of real estate brokerage services in obtaining a lessee for a term of more than three years of all or any part of real property to be used for other than residential purposes pursuant to a written contract of brokerage employment or compensation. The application of the proceeds of any building loan mortgage or other mortgage to reimburse the owner for any payments made for any of the above mentioned items for said improvement prior to the date of the initial advance received under the building loan mortgage or other mortgage shall be deemed to be an expenditure within the "cost of improvement" as above defined; provided, however, such payments are itemized in the building loan contract and/or other mortgage other than a building loan mortgage, and provided further, that the payments have been made subsequent to the commencement of the improvement. A copy of the notice of such lien shall be personally served upon such corporation within ten days after the filing thereof in the manner prescribed by the justice court act for the service of summons in actions in justices' courts against domestic railroad corporations. Liability for advance payments, collusive mortgages and incumbrances Any payment by the owner, contractor or subcontractor upon a contract for the improvement of real property, made prior to the time when, by the terms of the contract, such payment becomes due, for the purpose of avoiding the provisions of this article, shall be of no effect as against the lien of a subcontractor, laborer, or materialman under such contract, created before such payment actually becomes due.

OUR SERVICES RATE SCHEDULE FILE A LIENAPPLICATIONBY FAX FILE A LIENAPPLICATIONONLINE SATISFACTIONOF LIEN BY FAX SATISFACTIONOF LIEN ONLINE QUESTIONS? Nothing in this chapter shall subject the title of a purchaser of real property for value whose conveyance is recorded prior to the filing of a lien pursuant to this chapter to any such lien, provided the instrument of conveyance contains the provisions mentioned in subdivision five of section thirteen. Terms of contract may be demanded A statement of the terms of a contract made between an owner and a contractor, pursuant to which an improvement of real property is being made, and, of the amount due or to become due thereon shall be furnished upon demand in writing by the owner, or his duly authorized agent, to a subcontractor, laborer or material man performing labor for or furnishing materials to a contractor, or subcontractor, under such contract.

PRIVACY POLICY ABOUT US CONTACT US NEW YORKLIEN LAW § 1. If, within thirty days of such demand the owner refuses or neglects to furnish such statement or falsely states the terms of such contract or the amount due or to become due thereon, and a subcontractor, laborer or material man has not been paid the amount of his claim against a contractor or subcontractor, under such contract, and a judgment has been obtained and execution issued against such contractor or subcontractor and returned wholly or partly unsatisfied, the owner shall be liable for the loss sustained by reason of such refusal, neglect or false statement, and the lien of such subcontractor, laborer or material man, filed as prescribed in this article, against the real property improved for the labor performed or materials furnished after such demand, shall exist to the same extent and be enforced in the same manner as if such labor and materials had been directly performed for and furnished to such owner. Contents of notice of lien The notice of lien shall state: 1.

In cases where a notice of lien shall have been filed without such designation or with an erroneous designation, the county clerk, on presentation of proper proof thereof, shall enter such instrument in the proper index, under the proper block number of every block in which the land affected is situated, and shall, at the same time, make a note of such entry and of the date thereof in every place in which such instrument may have been erroneously indexed, opposite the entry thereof, and also upon the instrument itself, if the same be in his possession or produced to him for the purpose, and the filing of such instrument shall be constructive notice as to property in the block not duly designated at the time of such filing only from the time when the same shall be properly indexed.

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