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My point in all of this is that if you withdraw, you will most likely get him to put in more effort, but that will only take you so far.

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What I mean is that I like them right where they are…

I know she’s not interested in hooking up with other guys, we see each other regularly enough (one a week or so) and when we’re together it’s nice, but there’s no feeling of exclusivity or dependency. The girl starts becoming attached to me, missing me and wanting to become more “official”.

Additionally, this unique curriculum provides a 4- week, virtual clinic component offering students the experience of applying course work in practical scenarios.

Length of the online audiology degree program is two or three years based on the student’s clinical background experience.

I’m not looking for that and when that starts coming up, I scale my presence in her life back considerably – I don’t want things to turn into a relationship and therefore I withdraw. I’ve pushed her away and now I’m going to lose her. my goal being that I’d like to return to “stasis” – that perfect sweet spot of comfortable company and sexual satisfaction without having to tie myself down to any relationship.

Then, inevitably, the girl starts to get upset, frustrated, confused, etc. My point here: My goal is to maintain the stage before exclusivity and relationship happens. I’m clear on this and it’s practical for where I am in my life right now.

Courses are typically 10 weeks in length and course enrollment per class is managed to ensure a faculty-to-student ratio that promotes a high degree of individual attention.

Students will engage in innovative learning experiences through a combination of modern teaching techniques, web-based instruction, video demonstrations, directed readings, clinically applicable projects, and email and discussion board interactions with fellow students and faculty.

Offered through ATSU’s Arizona School of Health Sciences (ASHS), this fully online program provides students with the flexibility to pursue advanced studies in the science of hearing and balance, to enhance their clinical practices with new skills and knowledge, and rekindle their passion for their profession while continuing to practice full-time.

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