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The crux of the film centers around a relationship he has with a beautiful girl he has met online.

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It is exciting to see another film about stuttering up for an Academy Award. The short film is only 12 minutes long, but packs a punch.

On opening, you see the main character, Greenwood, struggle to speak on the phone.

Some are historical figures and some are current examples of people who stutter who haven't let stuttering interfere with their lives or careers. Famous People Who Stutter From Around The World - by Alan Badmington (Wales), Anita Scharis Blom (Sweden), Christine Badgett-Richards (England), Warren Brown (New Zealand), Marija Cvetkovic (Croatia), Andrew Harding (England), Margaret M. It is hoped the information and materials in the Just for Teens section will be helpful.

Leahy (Ireland), Benny Ravid (Israel), Pedro Rodriquez (Venezuela), Konrad Schaefers (Germany), Gina Waggott (England), and Albert Zhang (China) People who stutter excel in a wide variety of careers. If you have any ideas about how to make it better, please email the current Webweaver, Judy Kuster.

This brings him to a panic, and he doesn’t respond to her right away.

She assumes his non-response means that he doesn’t want to meet.

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