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Companionship would be top of the list for many people over the age of 80.

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They know that their diminishing physical and mental powers have left them vulnerable.

Choosing a gift for someone over 80 can be a challenge.

I thought this glass pearl necklace would make a great gift. Cart_Detail.asp? Price ID=9786&Cat=&Qty=1 Others: Cart_Detail.asp? Price ID=10026&Cat=Necklace|ALL&Qty=1 Cart_Detail.asp? Price ID=10338&Cat=Necklace|ALL&Qty=1 Our line has been seen in many publications recently. repurl=Kim Thanks, Kim Morrison Gift card to a hairdresser or barber A plant or fresh flowers with a pretty basket or vase Tickets for 2 for a concert or play that you attend with them.

Gift cards to favorite restaurants if the person is still mobile. Lighted clip-on magnifying glass lamp Photo displays of people important to them.

Fruit, nut, cheese, or chocolate candy baskets or containers.

This year I'm giving him a car cushion that you plug into the car's lighter that will warm his back and bottom.

As your parents grow older (and especially if they are on blood thinner), they appreciate warmth!

Good health and good fortune determine the path that we take as we age.

If we are blessed with robust health and a supportive, loving family our path is very much easier.

I did take precaution with the ones that were diabetic. For years now my husband and I spend a night with them.

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