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He was easy to talk to, had a good sense of humor, and had good answers to your questions. Then he finally calls you Friday at the end of the day to talk about the weekend. Last weekend you were free at the last minute, so what’s the big deal about making plans? If a man doesn’t have the same dating agenda as you, for example, he’s into casual dating and you are seeking long-term love, again, you might as find out sooner rather than later. That simplistic answer cuts deep but has a great deal of validity. If he’s not that into you, you might as well know as soon as possible.

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But beyond that, I would especially recommend that you keep your options open and you continue keeping up with all your other social activities that do not involve him: seeing your friends, attending any functions you like to go to, etc.

It is important that you keep your time and company only as available as he is willing to be – match your level of commitment to his so that you are not left hanging. If you like the relationship for exactly what and where it is, then stay.

When you ask about the weekend, he says he hasn’t given it much thought yet.

Don’t pick up the phone – wait to see what he does which will tell you a lot more about his agenda.3 If you call a man because you are impatient or think its not a bid deal, THINK AGAIN.

If a store was giving you free stuff, would you say ‘no please, let me pay you for it’? Now, with that said, that does not necessarily mean that there’s no chance of you becoming his girlfriend.

There are some things you can do (mostly by just shifting your perspective) that can help tremendously. For starters, I have seen a lot of women get caught up on this issue and as a result, they bring it up more and more, smothering every ounce of joy from the relationship.

Can you please shed some light on what’s going on here?

”If a guy won’t call you his girlfriend after a month (two months tops), then I would say it means that he’s enjoying the relationship exactly where it is and at this moment will not take it any further unless he is inspired to.

You smile, you laugh, you share similar ideas about life. Then you don’t hear from him again all week except for some texting which is fun, but come on! You want to know what’s going to happen for the weekend. Thursday arrives and you start wondering, “What the heck? These are possibilities and not all of them will likely apply. “He’s just not that into you” as Greg Behrendt says in his book by the same name.

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