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Before Dinah could reply, the bathroom door opened, not giving the two girls time to fully pull away.

"I think mummy is getting a little bit excited, don't you? She'd probably asked the exact same questions a million times. We'll see how things turn out after this one and then I guess things will go from there? After a while of struggling and somehow fitting everything in the car you opened the door for Dinah to get into the passenger seat and you slipped into the drivers seat. It wasn't awkward as such, it was more Have you ever been in a stubborn kind of silence where the person you're with is in a mood so just sits there giving off anger. "Babe, I can't make you feel better if you don't talk to me." Several times during her pregnancy you found yourself talking to Dinah as if she was a little kid again.

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Camila Cabello was also a band member but left the band in December 2016.

With her band “Fifth Harmony”, Normani released debut EP titled Better Together on October 22, 2013 via Epic and Syco Music.

"Just shut up and kiss me Henson" Dinah giggled at her girlfriends demanding tone and leaned into kiss her.

A gentle kiss that expressed the perfect amount of passion. " Dinah stammered, still terrified despite ally's reaction.

As soon as they approached the bathrooms Dinah was surprised to feel her back against the wall, and normanis hands running down the sides of her rather revealing dress.

"This is risky" she whispered, trying to ignore Mani's hands that had travelled up the front of her dress; just slightly.

Her band “Fifth Harmony” was the face of Jovani Fashions’ Prom 2014 line.

Other endorsements include Wet Seal, JCorp (apparel), Accessory Innovations (accessories), Brown Trout (posters), Sky High (back-to-school supplies), Barbie doll, and Clean & Clear (subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson).

They were what you would call 'closeted' at the time and neither of them had even uttered a word about the none platonic relation between them to anybody.

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